KENSTON CORPORATE GmbH acts as an independent national and international transaction advisor and advisor in all areas of corporate transactions and partial corporate transactions. Both buyer and seller interests are represented and harmonized in the implementation process.

Due to its leading market access to companies of all sizes, KENSTON CORPORATE GmbH is able to bring together involved consulting partners as well as potential buyers and sellers in a target-oriented manner. Pragmatism and experience are at the forefront in order to guarantee efficient processing in short periods of time.

In this context, KENSTON CORPORATE GmbH’s consulting activities focus on ensuring the further treatment and administration of pension obligations entered into as part of sales processes. At this point, standard solutions often lead to unsatisfactory results. Therefore, KENSTON CORPORATE GmbH, in cooperation with its partner companies of the KENSTON GROUP, exclusively offers special solutions with a unique selling proposition for individual cases.

In this focused orientation, KENSTON CORPORATE GmbH works as a national and international “competence centre” with partners and clients from the following sectors:

  • Tax consultant and auditor organizations
  • Lawyer and legal advice organizations
  • Management consulting organizations
  • Financial services organizations (insurance companies, banks, asset managers, private equity companies, fund companies of all kinds)
  • Association organizations
  • National and international companies from every industry and of every size

Within the scope of these CORPORATE TRANSLATIONS, indispensable legal advice and mathematical or actuarial activities are outsourced to affiliated, authorised service providers. In this context, KENSTON CORPORATE GmbH assumes the coordination of all necessary activities and provides its partners and clients with comprehensive legal security.

Within the framework of the implementation consulting of pension obligation matters, KENSTON CORPORATE GmbH outsources the necessary legal advisory activities to its cooperating partner company Kenston Pension GmbH. Kenston Pension GmbH, in its function as a court-approved legal consulting firm for occupational pension provision and the corresponding body for the administration of justice, functions as a focused legal and special service provider which concentrates exclusively on the subject areas of occupational pension provision. The actuarial and actuarial valuation tasks are also performed by Kenston Services GmbH, another specialised partner company.