Specialist publications and publications about KENSTON CORPORATE GmbH and the KENSTON GROUP.

Business Administration in Focus (BBP) 12/2018
Sebastian Uckermann and Patrick Drees describe the reversal of pension funds as a necessary consulting solution

“Kenston Services GmbH” – Press Release 25.09.2018
Kenston Services GmbH: Leading actuarial services and position of responsible actuaries

“Kenston Services GmbH” – Press Release 21.09.2018
Kenston Services GmbH in a new website look – actuarial services as core competence

Focus on Business Administration (BBP) 09/2018
Sebastian Uckermann describes new ways of effectively outsourcing direct pension commitments

“Kenston Pension GmbH” – Press Release 26.04.2018
Kenston Pension GmbH in the new web page look – legal security in all questions of the operational supply and remuneration

“KENSTON Group of Companies” – Press Release 25.04.2018
Patrick Drees to join KENSTON Group Management with immediate effect

Entrepreneur Radio – Business Succession and Digitalization – Old Owners and Experts Report
Dealing with pension obligations in the sale of a company – with Sebastian Uckermann, Head of the KENSTON Group of Companies

“KENSTON Group of Companies” – Press Release 03.01.2018
BECK-AKADEMIE 2018 – Beck-Verlag and Sebastian Uckermann continue to underline their unique selling proposition in the area of company pension schemes

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