Specialist publications and publications about KENSTON CORPORATE GmbH and the KENSTON GROUP.

German tax law DStR 11/2019
Sebastian Uckermann and Patrick Drees provide an up-to-date overview of the social insurance classification of managing partners, cooperating partners and their related parties.

“Kenston Pension GmbH” – Press Release 15.02.2019
Company pension scheme: BECK-AKADEMIE – Beck-Verlag and Sebastian Uckermann have already extended their cooperation until 2020

“Kenston Services GmbH” – Press Release from 31.01.2019
Actuarial function for pension funds must be filled at short notice – Kenston Services GmbH offers help

private banking magazin January 2019 – From the consulting practice
Sebastian Uckermann and Patrick Drees describe the way to reverse a pension fund commitment.

“Kenston Pension GmbH” – Press Release 22.01.2019
“Default risks with pension funds” – Alternative solutions for outsourcing pension obligations mandatory

“Kenston Pension GmbH” – Press Release 11.01.2019
New textbook by Sebastian Uckermann: Company pension commitments to managing partners

“Kenston Pension GmbH” – Press Release 10.01.2019
German Teaching and Practice Academy for Occupational Pension Plans – Dates 2019

“Kenston Pension GmbH” – Press Release 07.01.2019
Kenston Academy 2019: Training and further education for occupational pension provision at the highest level

“Kenston Pension GmbH” – Press release 06.01.2019
BECK-AKADEMIE 2019 – Beck-Verlag and Sebastian Uckermann continue to underline their unique selling proposition in the area of company pension schemes

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